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474 Independent Sand Mine

Lake County, Florida

Environmental Consulting & Design, Inc. has provided environmental services for the 474 Independent Sand Mine since 1995.  Scope of work has included permitting for the sand mine, wetland delineation, formal determination, wetland hydrology, groundwater monitoring and listed species surveys.  Our staff developed, permitted, constructed, and continue to monitor and maintain wetland mitigation areas on and off-site for the existing mine and planned expansion areas



  • Permitting including FDEP and USACE permit modificaitons
  • Semi-Annual Vegetative & Hydrological Monitoring
  • Wetland Restoration & Creation for mitigation purposes
  • Annual reports for County, State and Federal agencies
  • Updating Best Management Practices (BMPs), Spill Prevention & Countermeasures Plan & Industrial Wastewater Permits.


Off-site mitigation was conducted on a one acre tract located in nearby Polk County. EC&D excavated a one acre planting area adjacent to an existing conservation site. Planting in the mitigation area included 33 trees, 310 shrubs, and 3,626 herbaceous plants. The on-going effort successfully established an emergent marsh wetland which EC&D continued to monitor until the site was completely released in 2014.