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Florida Gulf Coast Mitigation Bank

Levy County, Florida

The Florida Gulf Coast Mitigation Bank (FGCMB) is approximately 1,641 acres of undeveloped ecologically valuable habitat in Stark County, Florida, 4 miles northeast of Cedar Key. The FGCMB is located within the Waccasassa River basin and nearly 76 percent of the property is classified as wetland or marsh.


Once protected, the FGCMB will add roughly two miles of undeveloped Gulf of Mexico coastal frontage to already established conservation lands. The following are project goals:

  • Preserve and enhance a series of diverse upland and wetland habitats within the coastal zone of the Gulf of Mexico,
  • Permanently protect 1,641.1 acres of ecologically valuable habitat that harbors several endangered and threatened species,
  • Enhance existing salt marsh that is now impaired by the current road alignment through the property.

Work tasks include:

  • Restoration of the connectivity and natural hydroperiod of degraded inland saltwater wetlands by removing sections of road and constructing low water crossings,
  • Enhance historically non-forested wetland habitat and wetland habitat by implementing a burn regime that mimics natural historic burn intervals on the property,
  • Enhance the property by manually or chemically removing invasive and nuisance species.


The Florida Gulf Coast Mitigation Bank is home to the critically endangered Florida Salt Marsh Vole (Microtus pennsylvanicus dukecampbelli)

Photo of Salt Marsh Vole.courtesy of USFWS/Photo by Michael Mitchell

EC&D’s staff scientists will be responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the bank. The unique upland and wetland habitats will be protected in perpetuity through a conservation easement.