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Hilochee Mitigation Bank

Polk County, Florida


The Hilochee Mitigation Bank (HMB) is located 1.5 miles northeast of Polk City in Polk County, Florida and is located within the Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern. The Green Swamp is a geologically distinct area of Central Florida where the Floridan Aquifer rises to just below the soil’s surface. This high groundwater elevation provides pressure for springs, base flow for many rivers, and hydrologic support for lake, ponds, seeps and wetlands in south and central Florida. The wetland creation and enhancement work at HMB will provide herbaceous and forested mitigation credits to the Withlacoochee Basin.

This project involves:

  • Excavating soil from uplands impacted by sand mining to create an hydrologic conditions suitable to support freshwater marsh habitat.
  • Enhancement of forested swamps through the removal of existing invasive species and extensive treatments to prevent proliferation of invasive species throughout the property
  • Enhancement of existing marshes and upland habitat by re-establishing a historic burn regime

The creation of extensive deep water marshes around the lake will provide foraging areas for migrating and local wading birds as well as wildlife habitat for local species.


EC&D’s staff scientists will be responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the bank. The unique upland and wetland habitats will be protected in perpetuity through a conservation easement.

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