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Withlacoochee Wetland Mitigation Bank (WWMB)

Polk County, Florida

The Withlacoochee Wetland Mitigation Bank (WWMB) is approximately 734 acres of converted cattle pasture, located in Polk County, Florida.  Started in 2009, the project required experience in a wide range of tasks in order to complete the planning, permitting, and implementation of the wetland mitigation bank.  Scope of work on this project includes:

  • Wetland delineation of all existing wetlands on the site;
  • Classification of habitats based on aerial photographs and ground truthing;
  • Completion of all stages of the mitigation bank process: Prospectus, Environmental Resource Permit, draft and final Mitigation Banking Instrument;
  • Wetland restoration and creation for mitigation purposes which include; planting native wetland vegetation, excavating historically filled wetlands, and enhancing upland environments by removing cattle and planting native upland vegetation.
  • Working with area land owners to consider all contingencies for the implementation of the mitigation bank.  For example, modeling the hydrologic features of the landscape, monitoring water quality, identifying existing easements and anticipating unusual or extreme storm events. 
  • Extensive GIS analysis to map the site’s existing resources, and explore possible future expansion areas. 

Construction activities have been completed, including wetland restoration work, the installation of low water crossings, an herbicide treatment and supplemental wetland and upland plantings.  EC&D’s staff scientists will be responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the bank for the next several years as wetland credits are being sold. The project has already shown signs of success, and through EC&D’s collaborative efforts, the unique upland and wetland habitats will be protected in perpetuity through a conservation easement.