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EC&D was founded in 1994 by Carl Salafrio. Since inception, our business has been committed to creating environmental conditions that are feasible and valuable for the land and for our clients.

Meet Our Team

Carl Salafrio
Carl SalafrioFounder & CEO
Carl has over 30 years of experience in the environmental sector and has experience working within state agencies as well as in private consulting. Carl obtained his B.S. in Marine Science from Stockton State College and his M.S. in Oceanography/Coastal Planning from Florida Institute of Technology. His professional expertise is founded on combining the business and environmental aspects of managing each project to ensure success.
Sarah NelsonOwner, Vice President
Sarah has spent her life growing up in Florida swamps, and has over eight years of environmental work experience. She obtained her B.S. from the University of Florida in Natural Resource Conservation with a minor degree in Soil and Water Science and is currently pursing a Master of Science in Natural Resource Policy and Administration. Sarah oversees all projects and EC&D staff, and manages several mitigation bank projects. Her expertise is founded on maintaining client and agency relationships, coordinating all the moving parts of the business, and keeping a holistic viewpoint during project management.
Brody ToddEnvironmental Scientist
Brody came to EC&D with a diverse background and passion for ecology and conservation. After working on conservation projects abroad, he pursued a B.S. in Marine Science from Coastal Carolina University, followed by an M.S. in Biodiversity and Conservation from Trinity College Dublin. He has spent his career working in various facets of the environmental field, such as environmental education, fisheries science, and both public and private land management. Brody’s strengths include GIS, report writing, project support, and data collection, management, and analysis.
Caryn CrabbEnvironmental Scientist
Caryn is a recent graduate from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Sustainability. She has traveled and relocated throughout most of the southeastern region of the U.S., gaining multiple perspectives of natural and built environments. Her skills are centered on principles of sustainability and conservation, and she excels at EC&D through report writing and editing, field data collection, GIS analytics, and project support.
Meredith GreeneGIS Analyst
Meredith is a Virginia native with a B.A. in Geography (Geology Minor) and over two years of experience doing various types of environmental work with a focus in GIS. Her skills include proficiency in cartography and GIS, field data collection, statistical analysis, overall project support, and data management.
Katy MartinField Operations Manager
Katy is a University of Florida graduate with a B.S. in Natural Resource Conservation, focusing in wildlife. Through her time with EC&D, Katy has become a plant identification expert and a leader in field operations. In addition to her field skills, Katy brings excellent writing, database management, and project support abilities to the team. She recently was accepted into Oregon State University to pursue her Professional Science Master’s degree in Environmental Science.
Jesse FrazierField Operations Manager
Jesse is a New Jersey native but has spent most of his life living in and exploring Florida. While earning a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from the University of Florida, he gained work experience in various labs and spent two summers studying forests in Belize through a USDA research grant. Subsequently, he earned a Master of Science in Forest Resource Conservation with a graduate certificate in Ecological Restoration, also from the University of Florida. His graduate research focused on silvicultural methods emphasizing restoration of southern pine forests. Jesse brings skills including field methodology, data analysis, and operations management to the role of Field Operations Manager with EC&D.
Frank PrinceEnvironmental Scientist
A native Floridian, Frank’s upbringing has been largely focused on “out-of-doors” experiences, influencing his drive to provide responsible land stewardship and conserve Florida’s remaining wild spaces. Further, his experiences working in land development, backpacking the Southwestern US, and a season as a USFWS volunteer in Kodiak, Alaska, have all grown his perspective on land, people, and their interconnectedness. This outlook and his Master’s Degree in Forest Resources and Conservation from the University of Florida now guide his work with EC&D to serve Florida’s communities – both natural and human alike.
Danielle SalafrioSenior Accountant
Office Manager

Professional Partners

Environmental Consulting & Design is a proud member in good standing of the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals, the Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers, the international Society of Wetland Scientists, and the Florida Coastal Conservation Association.

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