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Broxton Rocks

Broxton Rocks Mitigation Bank (BRMB)
Broxton, Georgia

In 2005, EC&D completed the permitting and construction of a 1,800 acre wetland and stream mitigation bank in Coffee County, Georgia, connecting a wildlife management area to the north and a nature preserve to the south. Work included wetland delineations and wetland and stream assessments conducted in accordance with USACE Savannah District’s Guidelines on the Establishment, Operation and Use of Wetland and Stream Mitigation Banks in Georgia. Construction included the planting of wetland vegetation, grading and removal of existing culverts and replacement with low water crossings. Several acres of existing forest roads in the floodplain were removed and re-graded to facilitate flow from up- stream creeks. EC&D is currently monitoring surface water, groundwater and vegetation at the site.



Ocmulgee River at Broxtion Rocks

Existing C1 Looking Southeast


Stream Crossing & Culvert, Pre-Construction








Stream Crossing, Post-Construction








Riparian Restoration, Post-Construction