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Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek Mitigation Bank (CCMB)
Valdosta, Georgia

CCMB was approved to begin selling credits in August of 2002. The bank is located in south central Georgia within the Withlacoochee River watershed. This 530-acre bottomland forest was one of Georgia’s first mitigation banks to offer stream credits. All permitted mitigation construction activities are completed, and EC&D is successfully selling both wetland and stream credits.

Wetland enhancement involved the removal of culverts and installation of low water crossings, and the planting of wetland buffers with native trees. Wetland and stream restoration included hardwood wetland forest, stream reaches, and riparian buffer associated with both Cherry Creek and the Withlacoochee River.


Environmental Consulting & Design Stream mitigation included complete restoration of 1,810 linear feet of stream and riparian buffer and construction of 2,575 linear feet of a by-pass channel.

The restored stream reaches and riparian zones were re-vegetated with native plants and trees. EC&D continues to monitor wetland and stream water levels, vegetation and macro-invertebrates to document the success of the mitigation activities.


Environmental Consulting & Design

Typical Creek Restoration Study