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Treasure Beach Dredging

St. Johns County, FL

In 2012, EC&D started working with the Treasure Beach Homeowners Association Canal Committee and St. Johns County staff to create a viable dredging plan for the main access channel and surrounding canal system.  The project which is located on the Intracoastal Waterway, south of St. Augustine Beach,  required EC&D to evaluate different dredging options, find a local dewatering and disposal site, explore funding options, estimate total project construction costs and conduct water quality sampling and sediment analysis.

Once the project was formally approved by the Board of County Commissioners, EC&D and Applied Technology and Management won a competitive bid to design, permit and manage the project.


EC&D worked collaboratively to bring key players together:

· Treasure Beach Homeowners (Primary Beneficiary of a Dredged Canal System)

· St. Johns County (Owners of the Canal System, Construction Managers)

· Florida Inland Navigation District (Owner of the Dewatering Site)

· Florida Department Of Environmental Protection (Regulatory Permitting Agency)


  Services Provided

  · Created a Comprehensive Dredging Plan

  · Water Quality Sampling & Sediment Analysis

  · Meetings, Presentations and Neighborhood Workshop

  · Project Management

  · Submerged Lands Lease Renewal

  · Construction Cost Estimates

  · Dredge Volume Estimates

  · Evaluation of Dredging Methods

  · Locate Dewatering & Final Disposal Site

  2014 Activities

  Permitting, Design Engineering, Surveying, Bid Document   

  Preparation, Contractor Selection, Dredging Oversight, Project

  Management, Regulatory Compliance, QA/QC

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