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Job Title: Environmental Scientist II, Project Manager

Status: Exempt


Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science or a Natural Science and at least two years of related work experience.

Job Description:

•Field work including: wetland delineations, wetland verification, listed species
surveys, vegetation surveys, wetland monitoring and habitat analysis
•Preparation, submittal, and work associated with obtaining Formal
Determinations (State) and Jurisdictional Determinations (USACE)
•Agency/regulatory coordination and correspondence
•Assessment of wetlands for impact and mitigation
•UMAM analysis
•Design wetland mitigation plans
•Gopher tortoise surveying, permitting, and relocation
•Conduct research and acquire maps for projects
•Conduct wetland monitoring and prepare and submit monitoring reports
to agencies
•Preparation of Environmental Permit Applications
•Project management
•Assist in management and training of project staff
•Assist with proposal, budget preparation, budget tracking, and project tracking

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