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Job Title: GIS Analyst II

Status: Exempt


Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in GIS or a closely related field and at least two years of related work experience.

Job Description:

•Cartographic production and GIS data creation requests
•Manipulate data to conform to company standards
•Create datasets, re-projection of acquired data, and Metadata creation
•Use basic geo-processing techniques to extract and disseminate data
•Use analytical techniques to extract, process, and simplify complicated data
•Create “clean” data sets without polygon gaps.
•Exercise comprehensive knowledge of geospatial platforms and data sources
•Responsible for all GIS aspects of assigned projects
•Use advanced analytical techniques to increase GIS departmental
•Provide recommendations to solve complex problems
•Management of company projects
•Recommend technological advancements that should be adopted by
GIS department
•Actively market for new GIS projects and clients

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