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Job Title: GIS Department Manager

Status: Exempt


Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in GIS or a closely related field and at least four years of related work experience.

Job Description:

•Management, training, and quality control of GIS department
•Everyday use of mapping, geographic information systems (ArcView),
geography, GPS, spatial analysis, database management, and land use
•Review of GIS time records, expense vouchers, billability, and enforcing
company policies
•Mentor GIS staff and encourage their growth in the company
•Provide input on staff performance reviews and vacation requests
•Manage the flow of GIS project deliverables
•Work with principals on company goals and departmental decisions
•Software management and coordination with IT staff
•Update and maintain GPS Units and related equipment
•Train staff on the correct use of GPS units
•Guide data acquisition, interpretation, and manipulation of GIS/aerial
photograph data resources, according to project and client needs
•Keep roster of GIS contacts and continuity with GIS database resources
•Management of GIS database
•Provide GIS equipment and training recommendations
•Track the ArcView license update costs and licensing options
•Keep up with cutting edge GIS and GPS technology
•Client interaction and customer service
•GIS proposal production and marketing

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