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Job Title: Land Planning Manager

Status: Exempt


Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Planning, Geography, or a closely related field and at least four years of related experience.

Job Description:

•Exercise knowledge of land use, environmental, & transportation planning
•Handle multiple tasks, use graphic software, troubleshoot, and complete work
•Provide due diligence assessments which examine land characteristics and
development limitations including: floodplains, wetlands, zoning, future land use,
urban services, roadway access, and overlay districts
•Research and interpret local and state government regulatory code including:
Comprehensive Plans, Land Development Code, Florida Statutes, and Florida
Administrative Code
•Coordinate with engineers, project coordinators, environmental staff, GIS
analysts, surveyors, and sub consultants
•Provide facility impact assessments: including fire departments, schools,
sewer, and potable water facilities
•Examine the existing and potential future land use context for projects
•Coordinate with government officials on regulatory compliance and application
•Perform market and population study assessments
•Public involvement, community coordination, and facilitation including
presentations to County Commissions, City Councils, and Planning Boards
•Management of planning department including: planning staff, planning projects,
and budgets
•Attend project meetings with staff, clients, and regulatory personnel
•Manage projects including Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Rezoning, TDR,
and site plan applications
•Residential site plan development and coordination
•Prepare and track proposals, monthly invoicing, and marketing
•Review and use of concepts such as: architectural design, new urbanism/smart
growth, conservation subdivision design, TND, pedestrian-friendly concepts,
and mixed use designs

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