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Map & Directions

Directions from I-75 coming North and South are below.  Office number is 352-371-4333.

From South – Take I-75 to the 1st Gainesville Exit #382 (Williston/SR331).  Turn left (east) and follow Williston Road for approximately 7.5 miles.  (This road will turn into NE Waldo Road/SR24 once you pass University Avenue).  Turn left onto NE 23rd Ave.  Turn right onto NE 18th Terrace.  Turn right into the parking lot at 2401 NE 18th Terrace.

From North – Take I-75 to the Alachua Exit #399.  Get off and head left/south on US 441, for approximately 10 miles.  When the road splits stay right /follow US441 onto NW 13th Street.  Turn left at NW 23rd Ave.  Continue heading east past Main Street, where it will turn into NE 23rd Ave.  Turn left onto NE 18th Terrace, (just past Satchel’s Pizzeria).  Turn right into parking lot at 2401 NE 18th Terrace.

 EC&D is in Suite A, on the right/south side of the building.

Environmental Consulting & Design
2401 NE 18th Terr., Suite A

Gainesville, FL 32609

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